How Best Exchange Rates Can Help You Survive a Filibuster

A filibuster is like a pirate. It’s horribly unfair. Horribly long. And you get stolen at the end. Getting the best exchange rates is really useful to survive a filibuster. Here are 3 reasons why: money transfer players are filibusters, best exchange rates exist, and there is a way to get them.

Money transfer players are filibusters with exchange rates

Who said filibusters are pirates? Money transfer services are. The reason is that they are very tricky with users. Indeed they hide many fees. Up to 8% of the total amount we send. The hidden fees are included inside the exchange rate so that we don’t see they are here. Actually applying hidden fees is kind of authorized by the industry standards. This is unfair.


The best exchange rates are possible

Even though banks are the best filibusters, there is a way to avoid them. The 2 options we can use to avoid bank fees are:

  • Use an online money transfer operator for small and medium amounts
  • Use a currency broker for big amounts

Using one of these options is one of the best ways to get the best exchange rates.

Here is the best way to get the best exchange rates

Now that we know what kind of operators we have to use it’s essential to find the good one. Indeed many of them charge hidden fees, same as banks. To find the best ones you have to regularly compare their rates. On Google Trend there is a real increase of researches for best exchange rates and for comparing money transfer services as well.

Money transfer players are filibusters, they play with the best exchange rates and hide fees inside. However we can get the best exchange rates and there are 2 kind of services useful for this purpose. The best way to get them is to compare the online operators as regularly as you need to transfer money.

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