Month: December 2016


Today’s best exchange rates – send money abroad now

Today’s exchange rates are a reason to send money now. I can’t explain the whole situation in just one article but I’m going to explain what is the process to be sure that today’s rate is among the best exchange rates and how to profit from it by sending money abroad now.

How to know whether today’s rate is among the best exchange rates?

The best way to know if today’s rate is the best one is to follow exchange rate notifications. However we have to be aware about the fact that exchange rates in the future are evolving in such a way that we are not able to predict the future exchange rates. The future depends on politics and economics and we are not able to predict all decisions. For example the Brexit was a good example of an opportunistic event. We should have been alerted by an exchange rate notification service.

So. To be clear. The exchange rates are evolving because of:

  1. Politics
  2. Economics
  3. Events such as the Brexit.

Anyway it’s useful to use exchange rate notifications. There are plenty of services on the web.

How to profit from the best exchange rates and transfer money abroad now?

Once you’ve been alerted or once you’ve made an analysis about exchange rates evolution and you think today’s rate is one of the best exchange rates ever, you need to profit from this opportunity by sending money abroad. Transferring big or small amounts is easy if you use an online money transfer comparison service.


Today’s rate is a good one if there has been significant changes over the last few minutes/hours/days. It’s easy to find out without watching the exchange rates closely. Indeed using exchange rate notifications is efficient. Once we know this is a good exchange rate there is an opportunity to take. Sending money abroad now is quite opportunistic and can make us save hundreds of dollars.


Why all Americans should spend their holidays in Europe today ?

No need to precise that for Americans, having the best dollar exchange rates significantly increases their purchasing power abroad. This might push them to go on holidays outside the US ?

Best dollar exchange rates ever to travel to Europe.

I remember a couple of years ago when many Europeans used to love coming to the US to do their shopping. At that time, the best dollar exchange rates were in favor of the Europeans, not the Americans ! I remember flying to New-York myself in 2008 when 1€ represented 1,60 USD ! No wonder we used to love travelling to the US & go shopping as everything was so much cheaper than in Europe !

Well, it seems that the best dollar exchange rates are currently in favor of our American friends. The latter have won 45% purchasing power when coming to Europe in 2016 vs in 2008 thanks to the positive  evolution of the dollar VS the Euro…

Therefore, during the 10 last years, it seems it has never been so advantageous for Americans to travel to Europe as it is today.



What are the concrete impacts of the best dollar exchange rates on Americans holidays in Europe ?

Well, no need to be a magician in maths to picture the positive impacts of all this !

Take a hotel room in Paris for example for which prices haven’t really evolved between 2008 & 2016. Well a room at 100€ per night used to cost 160 dollars in 2008…whereas it will “only” cost 110 USD in 2016.

Every aspect of Americans holidays in Europe will look alike today. In the end, they will save 45% compared to what their holidays would have cost them 8 years ago!

As you never

In order to not miss the best dollars exchange rates, you can use the following tool which is simple & efficient to enable you maximize the value of your dollars.

In the end, just make sure you go on holidays at the right moment! It works whatever the currency !